Essential Beauty provides an extensive range of waxing supplies, sourced from Outback Organics, Depil8, Hive, Reference and Oritree.

Outback Organics waxing range pride themselves on pre and post wax care as well as the wax itself and the equipment. This range was developed after extensive consultation with professional waxers and salon owners, representing the latest generation in hair removal. Outback Organics also offer starter kits which can be found under the ‘Starter Kit’ section of the website.

Depil8, a professional epilatory waxing brand enables the treatment of every skin type and condition. Depil8’s range of products ensure effectiveness and comfort with each treatment. The products consist of a large variety of hair removal systems, pre and post oils, lotions and cleansers, hair growth inhibitors and Folisan for ingrown hairs and exfoliation.

Hive, Beauty with Confidence, offer a variety of waxes and treatment products for pre and post wax care. Hive caters to mobile therapists, spa managers or salon owners due to its range of supplies suitable for your business. Hive also offer starter kits and wax packs which can be found under the ‘Starter Kit’ section of the website.

Reference have been developing since 1982 to satisfy the needs of the beauty therapist for waxing treatments. The treatments are now suitable for all skin types reducing skin redness and ensuring weaker and lighter hair regrowth. Reference also offer pre and post waxing products to enable a high standard of professional care.


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