New to Essential Beauty Supplies, the waxing experts, Depilflax, owned by Maystar! The market-leading brand has developed a wide selection of waxing and pre and post depilatory cosmetics, setting them as a renowned waxing brand among professionals.Depilflax waxing systems have been designed to m..
Depileve body waxing tips to tackle ageing skin

Get the best from Depileve products with this handy video on body waxing. Discover which products to use on ageing skin to target skin flaccidity and leave it feel refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant! 

The top essential oils uses
In truth, there are thousands of essential oils uses, from cleaning the home to repelling insects but the health benefits have been recognised through different cultures and for medicinal purposes, for centuries. We’ve taken a look at how essential oils are commonly used throughout spas and salon..
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