Mother Nature provides us with a bountiful treasure trove of trees, shrubs, fruits and flowers with amazing benefits for our health and skin.

The plant oils and extracts chosen to enhance the Outback Organics range have been carefully selected for their uniquely healing, soothing and nourishing properties. They are then expertly blended with the latest cosmetic ingredients to produce beautiful products of exceptional efficacy.

Here is an overview of some of the botanical ingredients found in Outback Organics skin care products, and an insight into why we love them.

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Desert Lime

Native to Queensland and New South Wales. A good source of antioxidants and fruit acids. Very high in vitamin C, stimulates new cell growth.

Frankincense Extract

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Found in our Bush Balm to help reduce soreness and swelling after waxing.

Green Tea

Potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits.

Jojoba Oil

Emollient plant wax with moisturising, antimicrobial and protective qualities. Due to its affinity with the skin’s natural sebum, jojoba oil is easily absorbed with no greasy after-feel.

Lemon Myrtle Oil

Antibacterial essential oil from Australia with a fresh citrus fragrance. Used by Indigenous people as a tonic and stimulant.

Macadamia Oil

Extracted from the fruit of the Australian macadamia tree. Rich in palmitoleic acid and vitamin E, and easily absorbed by the skin. Deeply nourishing and moisturising, with antioxidant benefits.

Mountain Pepper

Native to woodland areas in southeast Australia. The leaves and berries have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and are used by locals to treat aches and pains.

Olive Oil (Organic)

Plant oil with potent anti-inflammatory qualities. Contains healthy fats and natural antioxidants, which help to protect and condition dry skin.

Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes

Natural fruit extracts with exfoliating properties.

Patchouli Oil

Essential oil that helps to regenerate the skin and speed healing. Useful for dry and irritated skin, with a rich earthy aroma.

Peppermint Oil

Cooling and stimulating essential oil. Boosts the circulation.

Prickly Pear

Obtained from a cactus in the deserts of southern Morocco. Exceptionally high in betalains, a class of super-antioxidants that fight free radical damage, help reduce inflammation and improve cellular function.

Rose Hip Oil (Organic)

An excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamin A and antioxidants. Assists in skin renewal and repair to maintain softness and elasticity.

Sandalwood Oil

Balancing, soothing and rejuvenating essential oil, with a sweet woody fragrance.

Shea Butter

Extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. An intensive natural moisturiser, high in antioxidants, that nourishes and replenishes the skin.

Tea Tree Oil (Organic)

One of nature’s strongest known antiseptics. Tea tree essential oil is well known as a wonderful natural remedy in the treatment of countless skin conditions, including acne, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and minor infections.

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