Why Outback Organics Aloe Gel is perfect for treating sunburn

As we take to the beach and fly off on our holidays, it’s especially important that we look after our skin, but on the unfortunate occasion that we do get burnt, we offer a great solution for treating sunburn. Our Aloe Vera gel is a fantastic alternative to after sun and like all our products, it’s completely free of all the nasties like synthetic colouring and fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, mineral oil and harsh chemicals

It contains glycoproteins which will relieve the pain and sting from burnt skin and help to reduce any inflammation and swelling.

It contains lidocaine, a well-known ingredient for relieving pain and we all know that sun burn can seriously hurt.

The gel will help to form a protective layer over burnt, peeling skin, while hydrating it and hold in the moisture.

It’s light gel texture is absorbed quickly without stickiness, which is a particularly welcomed factor by men wo often prefer a light texture to traditional creams.

It helps to repair damaged skin cells and trigger new ones to form

Organic Aloe Vera will reduce the appearance of redness and settle skin sensitivity

If you buy from us on a trade basis, this is a great product to retail to your clients not only for use after their waxing treatment but for soothing sun burn too! Buy from us at the retail size of 100ml for £5.50 and retail to your clients for £11.00. Shop now!

Posted on August 9th 2018

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