Tips for Keeping Your Staff & Workplace Healthy This Winter

Most UK work industries face the challenge of keeping their staff healthy over the winter season. And this is something that is naturally heightened for those working within close-contact services, such as beauty therapists, hairdressers, and barbers. These challenges include but are not limited to:

  • Increased levels of stress.
  • Heightened risk of catching cold & flu viruses.
  • Developing ‘SAD’; Seasonal affective disorder.
  • Extreme weather conditions, including ice & snow.

With these factors in mind, here are some of our Tips for maintaining staff health and wellness throughout the winter months.

Provide PPE

Ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is readily available for all staff work within your business. This could include disposable masks, gloves, and aprons. Your salon or spa may have chosen to maintain social distancing and ‘mask wearing’ measures in place, so having noticeable signage and masks available for clients will provide additional protection to your staff against cold & flu viruses. Shop our range of PPE Products here.


Ensure regular cleaning is carried out throughout all areas of your salon and spa, including client-based areas and staff-only areas. You could even look at introducing additional sanitising stations throughout your salon/spa, to encourage all staff and clients to still regularly sanitise their hands.

Promote Staff Wellbeing

The lead-up to Christmas can be a particularly stressful time. Looking after your staffs’ mental wellbeing couldn’t be more important! Encourage your staff, (and yourself) to take regular breaks. Ensuring that they are allowing themselves time to unwind, relax and eat.

Wellbeing Training

You could look at introducing some additional ‘wellbeing training’ for your staff to take part in, focusing on stress management, the importance of sleep and nutrition.

Clear Pathways

The winter months can bring the additional challenges of extreme weather into the mix, including ice and snow. Be sure that all pathways/walkways to your premises are free of ice and snow for both clients and staff, to minimise the risk of slips and trips.

Posted on October 8th 2021

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