The Eyelash Emporium; For lashes that flutter

The Eyelash Emporium; The Multi-Award Winning Eyelash Brand, with a Movie Star quality

At Essential Beauty Supplies, we are always on the lookout for new brands we can add to our range and The Eyelash Emporium was one of them.

About the Brand

Born at Pinewood Studios and developed by lash extension technicians with 20 years of professional experience. The Eyelash Emporium offers a range of exceptionally crafted lashes, which are long lasting, high performance and low cost.

Year on year, they continue to research into new lash techniques, materials and lash lengths, ensuring that their products are always at the top of the market against their competitors.

The brand is favoured amongst professionals, because of their award-winning training programs, and ‘on set’ status, including their feature within the iconic motion picture Les Misérables.

Cruelty Free Status

There is still some controversy around lashes and the use a mink hair; however this is where The Eyelash Emporium differ. The Eyelash Emporium take the issue of animal testing very seriously. All their products are vetro tested, meaning no animals have taken part in the creation of their lashes. No real mink hair is used in the creation of their lashes. Their lashes are made with PBT, an advanced polymer which is super soft, light and silky, but equally tough.

What’s in the Range?

The Eyelash Emporium cater for all your lash technician needs. Some of the products included within the range are;

  • Adhesives.
  • Lashes; including individual lashes and pre-made fans.
  • Essential Tools; including tweezers and accessories.
  • Retail Products.

Our Top Picks

Special Effects Pre-Made Fans: 3D

Using their classic C-Curl shape, these show-stopping, special effect Pre-Made Fans will allow you to deliver an Oscar-worthy lashes to your clients every time. These lashes add extra drama & volume. Created using heat fuse technology instead of bonded with adhesive. The lashes are light, natural looking and do not compromise natural lash health.

Blockbuster Ultra Platinum Adhesive

Designed for advanced eyelash technicians, who require an ultra-fast, ultra-strong and quick drying glue (2-3 seconds dry time). It’s black pigment colour allows for extra precision and provides additional depth to the overall finish.  This adhesive creates a durable, resistant bond which provides maximum life to each eyelash extension. It is also free from latex and formaldehyde.

Lash Cleansing Set: Lash Foam Cleanser & Brush

The perfect combination product for eyelash extension upkeep and after-care. Designed to help maintain semi-permanent extensions, and gently cleanse the eye area. This product cleans close to the lash line and removes any make-up and dirt without compromising the adhesive bond. A great product to retail to your clients.

Posted on February 3rd 2020

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