Summer Waxing Tips from Outback Organics

Summer is the peak season for waxing treatments, so staying on top of your waxing game all summer long is key for happy clients. You’d think that heat and wax go hand in hand together, and of course, they do. But additional heat factors, such as dramatic weather changes, can affect your wax’s workability and performance. Here are some Summer Wax Tips from professional waxing brand, Outback Organics.

Regularly Check Your Wax Temperature.

It’s important to remember that all heaters are different and that the output on your heater isn’t a true reflection of your wax temperature inside. At Outback Organics, we always recommend to our customers that they regularly check their working wax temperature with a digital thermometer, and never test the wax directly onto your client’s skin. Always check your chosen brand of wax for temperature recommendations and guides.

Visually Check Your Wax.

If you’re a fan of our Outback Organics waxes and use them within your salon, then here are a couple of visual things to look out for. Our Peelable Waxes should sit as a rounded ball shape at the end of your spatula, whereas our Strip Wax should have the consistency of single cream.

Your Wax Might Take Longer To Set.

As the weather heats up outside, so do our clients. Always bare this factor in mind when working with Peelable/Hot Waxes in particular. If your client’s skin is warm, then your wax is going to take a little bit longer to set. Our top tip is to use a cold, damp cotton pad to wipe over the top of your Peelable Wax patches. Doing this will help your wax set quicker and allow you to continue to work efficiently throughout the waxing treatment.

Your Treatment Room Might Be Hotter.

Always be aware of your treatment room’s temperature. Is it warming up in there? Do you have an air-conditioning running? Is it humid? All of these additional factors can affect the workability and pliability of your wax, either making the wax too hot, or too cold (especially if you have your wax near an open window or air-conditioning unit).

Posted on July 7th 2022

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