Roller wax system – what’s the hype?

Cartridge, or sometimes known as roller waxes, have become increasingly popular in more recent years. Offering therapists a no-mess alternative to traditional strip waxing, roller waxes are the perfect solution for busy salons and therapists. With quick application and quick removal, therapists can have their clients hair free in no time!

Some of our favourite roller waxes:

The cherry roller wax is made with colourless and odourless resins which is enhanced by adding cherry essential oils to achieve the subtle cherry aroma and colour. This non-sticky, gel formula is vegan and contains no animal by-products, it is very easy to apply and glides over the contours of the body with ease. The cherry roller wax cartridge ensures the utmost in client comfort and provides a quick, effective and hygienic method of hair removal.

Like the Cherry roller wax, the Eucalyptus is also a vegan gel formulated wax. With just as much glide power as the cherry, this wax is effortless to apply and the natural Eucalyptus oil is the perfect aroma if you want something different from sweet smells. As well as the aroma, the eucalyptus oil also has antiseptic properties to help calm the skin after hair removal.

Lemon, Honey, Silver, Aloe, Black and White Titanium are also available in the range offering optimum performance in hair removal now all half price.

Posted on August 29th 2019

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