PPE for your Business

Protect you and your clients with PPE for your business (protective equipment) and advice on treatments.

As we are all eagerly waiting for July 4th when, fingers crossed, salons can reopen. We’re here to get you prepared and ready, for when that day comes.

What’s available?

Protective screens

We expect some form of social distancing to still be in place. To help keep that barrier we have sourced some protective screens which are ideal for nail technicians. They have space at the bottom for your client’s hands to be placed under and perform the treatment. We would advise for the technician and client both to wash their hands, sanitise and wear disposable masks. The technician can then wear the wipeable visordisposable gloves and use disposable towels during the treatment.


We currently have two face visors in stock both are reusable and protect the face against coughing and sneezing. The visors are then wiped clean with sanitiser.

Disposable Masks

The masks are made from 3-ply high-grade material and have pleated earloop isolation with glass-free filtration. They must only be used once and disposed of after use. See the guide below on how to apply and remove the mask.

Couch covers

When performing a treatment which requires a couch, a wipeable cover can be applied either directly onto the couch or over towels. For example, for a waxing treatment, apply couch roll over the cover and you can use disposable towels as modesty covers. After each client, you can dispose of the couch roll and towels and thoroughly wipe the couch cover with sanitiser.


Wear gloves to perform each treatment and ensure you dispose of them after each client.


Depil8 essential sanitiser and hand cleansing gel contains 70% alcohol and is available in a range of sizes. Keep a bottle available for the technician and client to use regularly. Depil8 alcohol wipes can be used to wipe down surfaces and hands. They are individually wrapped to ensure the wipes don’t dry and keep their alcohol content. The wrapper and wipes can be disposed of after use.

Disposable towels

Deo Disposable Towels are made from 100% viscose which has been proven to absorb moisture more quickly and efficiently than traditional towels. They are designed for single-use which is more hygienic for the client, they are environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. They can be used as a modesty towel or for nail treatments.


Disposable and wipeable apron options are both recommended for treatments such as waxing when your clothes may be in close contact with your client. The disposable apron can simply be disposed of after each client and the reusable apron can be sanitised using an alcohol wipe.

Distance tape

You may wish to only allow one client in your salon at a time to ensure the salon can be cleaned properly. If your premises allow for more clients, ensure they are keeping their distance from one another by outlining clearly where they are and are not allowed to go. Distance tape is great for ensuring boundaries are kept and keep your clients feeling safe as well.

Barbicide & Sterilizing

Keep your equipment sterilized to ensure no cross-contamination. Barbicide cleaning concentrate is completely safe for use on non-porous surfaces including tanning beds, metals, stainless steel, plastics and tools such as brushes, rollers and shears. This essential solution will not stain your skin or surfaces, ensuring ultimate hygiene whilst maintaining the quality of your supplies and equipment.

Share this image with your clients to ensure they apply and remove their mask correctly – download and print here. Make sure to follow us on social media for more helpful tips and advice.

Posted on May 20th 2020

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