Nail Trends for Spring 2020

Dress your client’s nails for Spring 2020

Sometimes it’s the smaller details that make all the difference, and unlike the latest fashion trends to brace the catwalks, we don’t have to wait 6 months to be able to achieve the latest nail trends for both ourselves, and our clients. Wave goodbye to the textured glitters and deep jewel tones for another year; Spring 2020 Nails Trends are here, eagerly waiting to be dusted across client’s nails.

Spring 2020 brings a diversity of styles and colours, whilst staying true to season. Whether you’re a specialist in intricate nail art, or high quality, block colour finishes, there is a trend to suit everyone this upcoming season

Creamy Hues

2019’s Nail Trend of ‘Creamy Neutrals’ progresses into 2020’s ‘Creamy Hues’. This concise and elegant trend can apply to any nail colour, not just traditional nudes. Think creamy and beige toned bases, mixed with dabs of colour.

We recommend using ORLYs Primetime Primer, which balances pH levels and eliminates oils to help achieve longer lasting results.

Animal Print

Inspired by Miss Pop Nails, this nail trend is a wild and colourful playground of tiger print, meets neon and geometric shapes. Embrace your ’80s Wild Side’ with this trend. Random splotches, squiggles and geo-shapes, combined with bright, bold colours will test your nail art skills.

This trend is great for longer nail shapes, and so could be perfect to try on top of sculpted nails using ORLYs GELFX Builder in A Bottle.


Heavy metal is in this season. Metallics have been a good friend of the industry for years & a solid favourite with clients. Traditional silver, gold and bronze is subtly blended with other colours and tones to bring modernised, spring metallics’.

Why not try ORLYs ‘Polished’ Topcoat to add a chip-resistant, high shine finish to your metallics?

Barely There

This trend is all about stripping it back to basics, and focusing on creating clean, healthy nails ready for the year ahead.

If you really want to ‘bare-all’ for this trend, then we recommend ORLYs Barely Nude BB Crème. The all-in-one nail treatment smooths, hydrates, brightens and whitens nails, whilst also protecting them from UV rays.

Of course, some of your clients are still going to be longing for some form of colour. Stick to delicate, pale polishes which allow the nail to breathe. We recommend Barely ThereLight as A Feather and Rehab from the ORLY Breathable range.

Posted on January 20th 2020

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