Nail Colour Trends 2021

The only nail colour trends worth knowing about for 2021.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up to date with the current trends within the beauty industry, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Get ahead of the competition this year, by exploring our top pick of 2021’s hottest nail colour trends.

Sunset Brights

Whatever the weather is like outside, you can guarantee that this nail colour trend will add some sunshine to your day. Think deep, fuchsia pinks, opulent oranges and vibrant yellow tones for this trend.

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Pastel Tones

If bold, sunset brights aren’t the trend for you, then pastel tones are the one you’re going to want to tap into in 2021. Mix things up with your pastel colours; try painting each nail a different tone, or opt for on-trend pastel lilacs and mints for a statement, fashion look.

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Leather Look Hues

Think deep brown and dark hues with an opaque finish for this trend. This is certainly a trend for the more fashion-forward client and allows for experimentation with embellishments. Think studded leather recreated with nail-art and jewel embellishments.

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Grown-Up Glitter

It’s a trend which is ‘in-trend’ every year, but glitter is making a more grown-up appearance in 2021. Think more shimmering, iridescent and glamourous shades for this trend, rather than in your face glitter polishes.

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Pantone’s Colours of the Year

It’s the moment every trend follower waits for. The moment Pantone announces their colour of the year. For 2021, Pantone has blessed up with TWO on-trend colours for 2021… Ultimate Grey and Illuminating.

Posted on January 18th 2021

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