Maximise Your Salons Potential Over the Festive Season

It’s approaching the time of year when everyone is starting to think about the festive season. Christmas time for salons is one of the busiest, and we imagine by now your appointment books are starting to look full and you probably haven’t had many spare minutes to consider what ‘Christmas’ is going to look like in your salon. At Essential Beauty Supplies we have created a list of tips and tricks which could be easily implemented within your salon to maximise its festive potential and spread some festive cheer with your clients.

Extend Your Opening Hours

You probably already have one day in the week with extended opening hours to cater for your busy customers and their work schedules, but adding an additional day in the lead up to Christmas could not only help you generate more revenue, but also help you balance your over-flowing appointments book. Just be cautious to not over-book or over-work yourself, and make sure what you’re setting out is achievable for both yourself and your staff.

Festive Window Display

The golden window of opportunity… There is no better way to showcase your business to passersby than a captivating, Christmas window display. It’s an invaluable, free advertising tool which you can use to help draw in potential new customers over the festive period.

 Window Vinyls; decide on a theme and have some vinyls printed. They are easy to apply, eye-catching and an effective way to add some festive cheer to your store front.

Presents; Add a Christmas tree to your window and place your stocking filler and gifting options around the bottom like presents.

Lighting; Add lights to your window to create some eye-catching, elegant sparkle. Consider keeping the lights on after closing time, especially if you’re in a prime high street location with passing late night shoppers.

Interior Vibe

You’ve decked your windows, now it’s time to add some festive flourishes to the interior too. Creating a festive atmosphere inside your salon will help to get both your customers, and staff into the yuletide mood. Consider creating a Christmas Playlist for your salon and introducing festive treats for your customers. Swap out your normal drink & biscuit selection for festive hot chocolates, spiced teas & mince pies.

You could consider setting up a raffle tree or raffle crackers for your customers to participate in for a small charitable donation, and chance to win a small gift or discounted treatment. Or why not create a Selfie-Station in the corner of your salon? Include festive props, a selfie frame and introduce a personalised hashtag for your salon.

Staff Welfare

As joyous as the season can be, it can also be incredibly stressful. Customers turning up late, missed appointments, and external work-related issues can all have a mental and physical impact on your staff. Remember that small gestures can go a long way. Keep an eye on them, make sure they are taking regular breaks throughout the day. Inject some fun and festive spirit into your team to keep the in-salon positivity high. Introduce a staff incentive, host a Christmas Jumper Day or staff Secret Santa.

Up-selling Opportunities

Christmas comes with big up-selling potential and there are lots of additional ways you can boost your revenue over the festive period.

Gift Cards & Vouchers; These are always a winner. The perfect gifting option for those who really don’t know what to buy, and a fantastic way to keep your customers coming back.

Stocking Fillers; Add some smaller retail items to your till point and promote them as ‘Ideal Stocking Fillers’. You’ll be surprised how many impulse buys you will get from this.

Advertise Clearly; Be sure to advertise your seasonal offers and promotion clearly. An A Board in the high street with your offers on could encourage last minute bookings and additional revenue.


It’s not very festive, but it’s still important. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene levels even over your busiest periods, will help to maintain your salon reputation and will make a good first impression for any new customers. Introducing a Christmas Temp could be a great way to free up your time and keep on top of the day to day cleanliness of your salon.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

There is still time to get some Essential Beauty Supplies Christmas Gifts into your salon to add to your Christmas Gifting options. Our Christmas Gift Guide is still available to read on our Essentials Blog, and is packed full of a selection of gifts including gifts for her, gifts for him and a whole host of vegan and environmentally friendly options.

Christmas Gift Guide

Posted on November 15th 2019

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