Depileve body waxing tips to tackle ageing skin

Depileve’s Cerazyme DNA treatment has been specially developed to protect and rejuvenate skin before, during and after hair removal. This handy video offers plenty of body waxing tips to tackle ageing skin among your clients. Leaving the skin feeling firm and radiant it is particularly effective for treating flaccidity in ageing skin on the arms and hands and in noticeable areas such as the thighs.

Depileve Dermobalance Lotion

Prepare the skin by using the Dermoalance to clean and remove any lotions, oils or dirt.

Cerazyme DNA BodySerum Roller

Apply the concentrate to the skin and wait for 30 seconds until it has been fully absorbed. This has been formulated to combat ageing skin suffering with issues such as flaccidity, loss of skin density and wrinkles which have appeared due to dehydration.

Cerazyme DNA Wax

Enriched with DNA and natural moisturising factors, this film wax helps to reveal beautiful skin when it is in need of a boost. You can use this on all areas when focusing on sagging and arm toning, gaining hands and fingers, flaccid thigh firming and full leg rejuvenation.


  • Use a body spatula to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth
  • Ensure the edges of the wax are slightly thicker
  • When the wax has changed colour, remove in the opposite direct of hair growth


The Cerazyme treatment will create a uniformed, regenerated and perfectly formed forehands.

  • The skin on the back of the hand is quite thin and delicate so make sure it is tensed when apply and removing wax
  • Use a facial applicator for fingers


  • Load your spatula with a generous amount of wax starting from the knee, apply in a thin and uniformed layer down to the ankle
  • Apply at a 45-degree angle
  • For the knees, apply and remove in 3 steps: Bend the knee and wax in stages the inside, outside and front
  • Have the client turn around a lay on their front to do the back of their legs
  • For thighs, take special care with thin skin and stretch the skin with your free hand before removing the strip
  • If the customer lays with their leg over the bed before removing the strip, it will be more comfortable and easier for the beautician
  • For the outer part of the thigh, the customer will lie on their side and for the back the customer will need to be face down
  • The edges should be slightly thicker so that the strip does not break when removing

Once the hair has been removed, the pore dilation will be perfect for the re-application of the DNA Roller.

Cerazyme DNA BodyBalm

Complete the treatment of each area by lightly applying the DNA Body Balm to protect and rejuvenate the skin leaving it feeling nourished.

Posted on November 16th 2017

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