Changes To Our Delivery

We appreciate that times are tough for everybody and we are trying our best to keep our products affordable for all.

In light of this, we are keeping the increase in the cost of our products to a minimum at this time but will need to make a few changes to our delivery charges.

From 3rd April 2023, we will be increasing the free delivery threshold to £100. Any orders under £100 will be charged £7.25+VAT, terms and conditions apply and can be found on our website. Charges to the UK offshore destinations and worldwide delivery can also be found on our website.

To ensure that you reach the new free delivery threshold have you considered making fewer orders by buying in bulk?

Did you know that Outback Organics waxes, Depil8 waxes, couch roll, and cotton discs are available to buy in bulk at a reduced cost? This way you will save on delivery and your invoice!

To find out more about our bulk buys and which products are included, please visit our website.

Posted on April 3rd 2023

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