An Introduction to Depil8

An introduction to Depil8; the latest in high quality, affordable waxing

What is Depil8?

Depil8 is an affordable, quality waxing system that is designed to suit your spa or salon, making your treatments both easier and more comfortable.

Designed by us, Essential Beauty Supplies, Depil8 offers the ability to create an entire wax treatment experience from start to finish. The range includes Pre and Post Care products as well as a variety of waxes, all made with natural ingredients. The entire Depil8 range is also cruelty free and largely vegan.

What’s in the range?

Pre and Post Wax

Our range of Pre and Post care products are all sourced and manufactured in the UK with proven, natural ingredients yielding high performance and results. The entire Pre and Post Wax range contains Aloe Vera; helping to calm and protect the skin before and after waxing treatments.

Pre Wax Spray: Contains Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera. Prepares the skin prior to waxing by removing body oils, deodorant and makeup.

Waxing Oil: Contains soothing Aloe Vera and calming Lavender. Used to prep the skin prior to waxing.

After Wax Lotion: Contains Lavender and Aloe Vera, to help calm and sooth the skin after waxing.

Aloe Vera Gel: Contains Aloe Vera to sooth and cool irritated skin. Use after waxing, shaving or even to treat sunburn.


We have a range of Depilatory Waxes available within the Depil8 wax family, which include the following: Aloe Vera, Azulene, Lavender and Pearl.

The depilatory waxes offer fast and comfortable waxing treatments. The waxes are applied thinly and leaves hardly any wax residue behind once removed from the skin. These waxes are ideal to use on larger areas such as, legs, backs and chests.

Aloe Vera, Azulene, Lavender and Pearl are all available as cartridge waxes too.


Other products within the Depil8 Range include our fragrance-free Purified Talc, and Wax Equipment Cleaner.

Let us also mention that Depil8 is exclusive to Essential Beauty Supplies, and it currently 40% OFF! This amazing offer includes the entire range of products, from Pre & Post, to Waxes. Available until 16th January.

Posted on January 13th 2020

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