7 Tips for Essential Winter Skin Care

Whether you’re ready for it or not, winter is well and truly on its way, and as much as it can be a fun time of the year for us, it can be a detrimental to our skin. During the winter months, our skin can become dry, irritated and tight feeling, and this can lead to cracking, leaving our previous luminous bronzed, glowing skin nothing less than a distance memory. Here at Essential Beauty Supplies, we are revealing our Top 7 Tips for Essential Winter Skin Care which you can share with your clients.

1. Exfoliation

There are mixed opinions online regarding winter skin care and exfoliation, but the main rule of thumb seems to be ‘gentle, and don’t overdo it’. Dead skin cells can prevent moisturiser being properly absorbed into the skin, which is why exfoliating at this time of year is important, but don’t over-do it! Heavy handed and aggressive exfoliation can cause the skin to become damaged and raw, which is the last thing you need when the skin is already in a more sensitive state. We recommend our Reference Tutti Fruitti Exfoliating Scrub, or Outback Organics Face & Body Scrub, which contains jojoba beads which are super gentle on the skin, so perfect for gentle exfoliation, once a week.

2. Moisturise

It seems simple, right? Your skin is dry, so the solution is to apply moisturiser. But selecting the correct moisturiser for this time of the year is the important factor here. Choose a formula which contains natural, nourishing ingredients and is oil based as these are more likely to help retain the skins natural moisture. Avoid products which contain alcohol, such as masks and peels, as this can dry the skin out during the winter months. Moisturising immediately after towelling off from a shower or bath, when the skin has been refreshingly hydrated will help to lock in the moisture, we recommend our Outback Organics Hand and Body Lotion.

3. Don’t’ forget your Hands & Feet

Most of us just think about our faces when it comes to winter skin care, but our hands are feet are just as prone to dryness, itchiness and cracking like the rest of our skin. Exfoliation, moisturising and wearing protective clothing whilst outside (such as gloves), will help with protection and aid skin repair in these areas.

4. Hydration; From the inside out

Within the summer months, we are constantly being told about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated, but this is just as important throughout the winter months too. Water helps to plump the skin & encourage collagen production, which in turn aids the skins elasticity and regeneration. Not drinking water throughout the winter months can leave the skin looking dull, and exaggerates the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Drinking the recommended 2-3 litres of water a day will help keep your skin hydrated, as well as benefiting your overall health.

Another tip for keeping your skin hydrated is considering the foods you’re putting into your body, by selecting foods high in water content like watermelon, cucumber and celery. Increasing the amount of Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega 3 will also help form the building blocks needed for supple and smooth skin.

5. Avoid Hot Showers & Baths

We know what you’re thinking… After a day of being out in the cold, nothing seems sweeter than coming home and indulging in a hot bath or shower, but surprisingly this can do more damage to your skin. Hot water removes the natural oils from our skin which causes our skin to dry out. Recommend to your clients to opt for warm temperature water to help aid healthy, winter skin.

6. Let’s Get Moving

When it’s cold & dark outside, hibernating on the sofa seems to be the favourable option, but getting up and exercising can help aid your skin health throughout winter. Whether you’re a runner, jogger or walker, any form of movement which generates the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients around our bodies, will help to remove waste products and toxins from our skin. Not only will it work wonders for your skins health, but exercise contributes towards boosting your immune system, busting stress and increasing your energy levels.

7. Invest in a Humidifier

As the temperature drops outside, the conversation of when to turn up the thermostat begins. But as the air in our houses & places of work becomes hotter, it equally loses its moisture and becomes dryer, which is one of the key reasons for excessively dry and itchy skin. Investing in a Humidifier will help you to regulate the moisture in the air within your home/place of work, creating a better environment for your overall skin health.

Reference Tutti Fruitti Exfoliating Scrub; Nicknamed the ‘exfoliating cocktail’ because of its combination of fruit extracts from Bilberry, Papaya, Pineapple and Blackcurrant, and Lychee Stone, this fruity scrub is great for eliminating dead skin cells and removing impurities from the skin.  Suitable for all skin types.

Outback Organics Face & Body Scrub; A gentle, non-abrasive face and body scrub with a moisturising cream base and biodegradable jojoba micro-pearls, providing an effective exfoliating scrub which is kind on the skin, helps to restore a healthy-looking complexion, and deeply cleanses.

Outback Organics Hand & Body Lotion; A nourishing hand and body lotion rich in macadamia oil that quenches and soothes dry, itchy skin leaving it silky soft and deeply hydrated. With pure tea tree oil and anisata, it is perfect for everyday use and is safe and gentle enough to use straight after hair removal to help in the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs.

Posted on November 11th 2019

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