At EBS we offer a selection of beauty supplies which cater to the beauty industry and vegan beauty market. With a large selection of salon essentials ranging from lashes, tints, massage oils and hair removal products to consumables, equipment and furniture.

Brands such as ORLY, Xanitalia and Depil8 offer vegan friendly options, and as a company, veganism is something we are mindful of when developing new products to bring to the market.

Our brand

Our own brand of hair removal waxes and wax related products, Depil8 is made with natural ingredients, is cruelty free and largely vegan. We also have our increasingly popular Outback Organics range, which is cruelty-free and offers a range of vegan friendly products, including our best-selling Opal Peelable Wax. Our entire range of Outback Organics pre and post wax products are also vegan, including our Post Wax Spray, and Pre/PostWax Botanical Body Oil, as well as all of our gel formulated strip waxes and roller cartridges.

Our reputation

Consumers are now naturally drawn to the ingredients section of the product to check for potential hidden ingredients. Our reputation at EBS speaks for itself. We offer our customers both trust, and security in the products they are purchasing. A large proportion of our customers come to us as we offer vegan friendly & cruelty free products. We are seeing an increasing number of new customers who are looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options, not just for their own views or beliefs, but because of client demand.

After placing an order, goods will be with you within 24-48 hours (subject to availability). Be sure to find our latest special offers and new products across our website and social media (which you can find links to at the bottom of the page).